Dream Size – Chaussures femmes grandes pointures

The concept



Dream Size was born from a simple and strong idea: providing a wide choice of shoes for women that size between 41 and 45 (UK 7-10,5 | US 9,5-13)!


THE Solution

Finding large size shoes, both comfy and feminine: challenge of my life.

Juste like me, while going into a shoe store, you’ve certainly experienced the anxiety of the first question:« Do you have this shoe in size 43 (UK 8 | US 10,5)? »

With Dream Size, rest assured: no more complex, no more stress, finally shoes that fit you.



For you, I didn’t want a simple shop neither a shoe store just like the others. The idea of a showroom, of a space both secured and cosy, came up pretty quickly.

Online shoe store are easily accessible but you have to order without the possibility of seeing, touching or trying the shoes.

By coming to Dream Size’s showroom, you will enjoy a wide choice of shoes that you may try at your leisure. For you, this is the pleasure of taking time for choosing the shoe that fits you in a friendly atmosphere!

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