Dream Size – Chaussures femmes grandes pointures

Why ?

Pourquoi nos clientes préfèrent Dream Size ?

Why should you visit Dream Size?

Simply because it’s the only shoe store specialized in large size shoes for women in the PACA region.
Close to Cannes, halfway between Fréjus and Nice, you’ll find very affordable quality shoes. From boots to sandals, through high heel shoes to ballerinas, Dream Size offers you a wild choice of shoes and advices you all year long!

Why should you choose Dream Size?

Coming to Dream Size = pleasure! Here, you can look, touch and try as much as you want the pretty shoes that Fabienne chose for you. All ages and styles will find its favorite and will finally be satisfied. You’ll find THE shoe that fits you from 41 to 45, et THE shoe adapted to the morphology of your feet.

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